A Word From Our Clients

"It was about May of this year when I decided to seek help in the process of buying my own home. As a single woman I was not sure if I had the confidence or the resources in place to own all by myself. I was scared of being told no and not sure I was clever enough to pull it off. A great female friend sat with me at dinner one night and told me about Joyce Morrelli.  Well, working with Joyce has changed me forever. She came into my life with her heart, I had someone on my side who had all the patience in the world. And whose only goal was to help me find a home.  

She has affected the way I do my own job. I want to be like Joyce in my own place of work. Now that I know there are professionals like her that really care or at least there should be. I know my being able to have home ownership started with Joyce Morrelli."
Lake Bogan
Beaverton Oregon

"I have been an escrow officer over 20 years.  My only choice for a Realtor would be Joyce."
Pam Coons
Portland, Oregon

"Although Jim is a super manager whom I've worked with for over four years, thatis not what I feel is most important to acknowledge.  What is important about Jim is his approach to management, life, marriage and work. Morality and values are evident to every aspect of his day, every day. He never waivers and by his actions, he is an inspiration and a leader in our office.  He has never asked anything of our office that he doesn't expect of himself or that isn't apparent in his daily walk through life.

Jim Morrelli is an extraordinary person and an exceptional manager."
Diane Hohnstein
Gresham, Oregon

"We have become wonderful friends as a result of working together."
Joy McDonough

"Thank you for the great "home updates" I receive monthly. They are very educational and it helps me to be better informed with the market. You know, every time someone mentions real estate I tell them about the two of you."
Cindy Louie
Portland, Oregon

"Joyce was always there for me.  It was such a comfort to know that she would do everything."
Mary Clark

"We have known Jim and Joyce Morrelli for many years. They are not only wonderful friends, but true professionals as well.  In late September my Mother, husband & I made a decision to buy one home for the three of us to share. The excitement started the day Jim and Joyce arrived at our house to discuss the plans. We didn't know where to begin, but they did.  They listened to every detail we had planned then helped us mapout the details using their expert advice. They got right to the task of preparing us for the sale of not just one, but two houses, and helped with the daunting adventure of finding the 'perfect' home. During our house hunting ventures, they guided us with warmth, smiles and laughter. From mortgage lenders, appraisals, inspections and repairs, and everything else that transpires during buying and selling a home, Jim and Joyce were there with many years of experience and knowledge.They got us through it all! We found our dream home and the three of us couldn't be more excited!"
Diana, Frank & Alice
Portland, OR


"Joyce was my agent when I moved to Portland in 2005 and sold me the condo that she now has helped me sell.  SHe is a fabulous agent and person!  I hope I find a Realtor half as good as Joyce now that I have moved to St. Louis."
Cindy Thomas
St. Louis, MO

"Joyce is fabulous.  I have recommended her many times."
Georgiana Ellis

"Jim is a man of strong morals. The way he treats his family, especially his wife Joyce, is a very strong example of how God intended man to be.  Jim's family values have spilled over to us in the office- He has led us all to be excited for each other when new listing and sales come in, he has taught us to help each other when we need it, he also has a strong belief that we treat each other like family.  Jim's strong community involvement with the chamber, being EMAR Board president and Realtor of the Year show how he loves and is loved by the community and his peers."
Sherry Rice 

Gresham, Oregon

"I want to let you know what a good job the two of you did for my mother.  Mom really loves her new place and really enjoyed working with you.  It was a joy to work with you."
Julia Earnest

"It seems like just yesterday I received a call from you at Windermere announcing your support of My Father's House… but it has been six years ago! During that time you have been a source of encouragement and support.  Each year, you have rallied your group together in order to sponsor a wonderful benefit luncheon for us. Raising not only money for our organization but also new involvement and volunteerism for us also. You have sponsored and attended benefit dinners and allowed your group to get involved in many ways.

Your quality leadership and interest in community is obvious to everyone around you. You are an encouragement and example of true integrity and sincerity.

Thank you for your support."
Cathe Wiese

My Father's House
Gresham, Oregon